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13 June 2017


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An overview of what we do...

Basingstoke Consortium is a charity that works with young people, helping to give them the motivation, self-confidence, attitudes and skills for adult life.

We provide practical opportunities for them to experience the world of work which are designed to inspire tomorrow's workforce. We have worked with business, education and the local community for 28 years, and have a strong track record in developing innovative programmes and sustainable partnerships.

Award for Education Business Excellence

We were one of the first organisations in England to achieve the national Award for Education Business Excellence, in recognition of the high standards of our work and our valuable contribution to students' education. Each year we work with thousands of young people, from primary, secondary and college students, to those who have left education and need help in setting a new direction.

A range of inspiring programmes

We provide a range of inspiring programmes which include work experience, business visits, employability skills, enterprise challenges and mentoring. We also offer professional development and networking opportunities for teachers. We have strong links with local business and the wider community, who work with us to make students more "work ready". Last year, organisations volunteered a staggering 25,000 hours of time to our projects.

Student feedback

Students tell us that having the opportunity to experience the world of work inspires them, raises their aspirations, helps them to make better choices and to focus on their classwork and future career path.

Employer feedback

Employers tell us that they welcome the opportunity to influence attitudes and have a voice in the development of the employees of the future. They are able to raise the profile of their sector and the skills levels of the local community. The projects that they get involved in also help to motivate their own staff and support vital professional development. Skills such as team building, communication and problem solving are at the heart of many of the activities we deliver.

The importance of partnership

Genuine partnership is the key to the success of our programmes. Local business support and the dedicated individuals that work in these companies make us what we are.