"Skillstree is a local partnership between Basingstoke Consortium and business. It is designed to raise the skills and aspirations of local children and prepare them for working life. Businesses support Skillstree by providing positive role models to help deliver ‘employability’ activities which include: challenges, work experience, business talks, mentoring and much more."
Skillstree Awards 2016

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Skillstree Brochure
Skillstree Brochure Autumn 2013

Lots of resources provided by local employers who want to share their knowledge and experience in order to help make young people “work ready”, including how to write a good CV and prepare for an interview.

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Skillstree Sponsors 2017

Skillstree Sponsors in 2017 are:
AWE, Basingstoke ITEC, Visa, University of Winchester, and
Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust.

Skillstree Associate Members in 2017 are:
Hampshire Chamber of Commerce,

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council
, Wote Street People and De La Rue.

By participating in the Skillstree programme, businesses are helping to raise the standards of tomorrow’s workforce and gain a seat on the Employers’ Forum. These companies are also raising their own profile, providing valuable employee development opportunities, building stronger teamwork and enhancing staff communication skills.  With their support, we plan to develop the programme further and have three key priorities agreed, which are:

- Employability skills: continue to offer these programmes and extend the reach to more students;

- Hard to reach young people: develop a specific programme that works with a small cohort of local students – helping to make a real difference to their learning and view of the world;

- Opportunities post-16: continue to ensure the programme provides a balanced view of opportunities post-16, including apprenticeships, university, work with training.

How our sponsors and associate members are supporting us:


Gold Sponsor: AWE is proud to be a Skillstree gold supporter for 2017. Having worked with Basingstoke Consortium for over seven years, AWE has developed a strong relationship with local schools and colleges, and extended its reach to support students and teachers. With a particular focus on programmes designed to raise the profile of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), AWE dedicates significant staff time to help young people learn about the practical business applications of these subjects.

For 2017, AWE's focus will be on encouraging girls to consider STEM as a career route. In addition, business mentoring will be offered to post-16 college students, and staff will help Queen Mary's College develop its innovative 'STEM Sellers' programme, where college students engage young learners in practical learning.

This year AWE will also work with the Consortium to develop a 'technology in business' conference and offer secondary school students a chance to learn more about AWE in the annual borough-wide business challenge.

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Basingstoke ITEC Gold Sponsor: Basingstoke ITEC has supported the Consortium's work for several years. The organisation wishes to raise the profile of practical routes into work, and regularly attends our careers fairs, progression events and IAG sessions in order to do this. ITEC has also supported our employability workshop programme and events focussing on apprenticeships. ITEC has hosted visits and workshops, and taken part in Year 8 Skills Days.


"We are involved in Skillstree because of the importance of raising awareness of apprenticeship and advanced apprenticeship opportunities as an alternative route to college, particularly with the leaving age raised in 2013."

Caroline McColl, Basingstoke ITEC

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 Visa Europe

Visa EuropeGold Sponsor: Visa made an initial approach to the Consortium in 2009, and a meeting was held to explore collaborative working. It was clear from this meeting that the company had a clear business objective for education engagement and specific activities were identified in which Visa wished to be engaged or could add value. A programme was gradually developed and, since 2010, Visa has delivered more high quality activities than we could have foreseen, hosting whole-day workshops and working lunches regularly throughout the year.

Visa Europe


In addition, Visa employees have taken part in borough-wide events and mock interview sessions, given talks at local schools and colleges and undertaken training in order to take part in the Consortium’s mentoring programme.  All these activities have had a huge impact on students.  Visa realises this and is committed to working with us on the Skillstree programme. 



"Visa is pleased to support the Skillstree initiative, as it combines three elements which are central to our business: technology leadership, opportunities for young people and community engagement. The initiative has helped us to create links with local schools and colleges, and we are proud to extend those links in order to support the community. Through our partnership with the Basingstoke Consortium we hope to play our part in developing tomorrow's workforce."

Peter Davison, Executive Director Technical Operations, Visa.

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University of Winchester Gold Sponsor: The University of Winchester has been a valued partner for many years, working with us on a variety of programmes and supporting events. Its support for Skillstree enabled us to add a new event to our programme - Step into Journalism. In 2012, the University provided 40 workshop places for students to spend the day at the Winchester campus, where they had a speed networking session with journalists and a radio producer, who talked about their career paths, motivation and experiences. The students then took part in interactive workshops, using the radio rooms and studios. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and feedback was excellent. The event was so popular that we now run it annually. The University has also gained support with work placements for international students.  Each year staff from the University take part in the post-16 enterprise conference.

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Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust Silver Sponsor: Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) is a new sponsor for 2016, although Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital has worked with the Consortium for several years. The hospital has hosted visits by secondary and post-16 students, offers works experience placements and staff from a wide range of departments have attended careers fairs and taken part in CPD sessions for teachers – all to raise awareness of career opportunities within the NHS and the healthcare sector generally.

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Hampshire Chamber of Commerce Associate Member: Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is working in collaboration with The Basingstoke Consortium to help support young people in their career choices and to help employers resolve skills gaps. Collaborative working on events will enable local employers to connect with young people, schools and colleges, with all parties benefitting from the partnership.

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Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Associate Member: B&DBC has worked with the Consortium in many ways over the years - hosting workshops and working lunches, supporting the Basingstoke MFL Challenge and providing staff resources for borough-wide events.  More recently, staff have engaged with the Skillstree programme and they have run excellent employability workshops for Year 8 students and taken part in Skills Days.  In addition, they have supported Mock Interview sessions and the Words for Work project.

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Wote Street Employment Bureau Associate Member: Wote Street People has supported the Consortium's work with schools and colleges since 2009, delivering CV-writing sessions and employability workshops to secondary students and attending careers fairs for post-16 students.  To support the Skillstree programme, the Managing Director took part in a Year 8 Skills Day, giving valuable practical advice about what employers expect from job applicants.

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Associate Member: Yobu is an exciting new business in Festival Place, offering customers frozen yogurt, a tasty, indulgent yet healthy treat and bubble tea, unique bubbles of bursting fruit juices, with flavoured jellies.
They pride themselves on the use of natural ingredients, the delicious way products are presented, and customer service excellence, creating a fun, relaxing environment for every customer.
Delvering inputs to students about running a business, customer service skills and promotion are YObu's contributions to the Skillstree programme.

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De La Rue Associate Member: De La Rue has contributed to various work-related learning activities, hosting visits by secondary students and taking part in town-wide events.  As part of the Skillstree programme, Year 8 students have taken part in engaging, interactive workshops - and increased their knowledge of employability skills and their importance to employers.  In addition, a senior manager has spoken in school assemblies to raise students' awareness of the skills that young people need when they enter the workplace.

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