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How do I apply?

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How do I access placements?

If you already have your username and password, click here to login.


Do you already have a confirmed work experience placement?

If so, please ensure:

  • You have received your work experience paperwork.

You will be given this approximately 6 weeks before the start of your placement.


  • You have been interviewed by your work experience employer.

Using the contact details on your work experience paperwork, you should contact your employer at least two weeks before the start of your placement to arrange an interview.

At interview, please ask the employer to sign the consent form that is included in your paperwork.


  • You and your parent/carer have signed your consent form.

Please read the work experience paperwork before signing the consent form.


  • You have returned your fully signed and completed consent form to school or, in the case of independent applications, the Basingstoke Consortium.

 Failure to return your completed paperwork could delay the start of your placement.


Local college open days - 2018

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Not going to college or Uni, and looking for work?

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